Thursday, December 27, 2012

Paper Plate Bugs & Craft Kits

My 2-year-old daughter received this very cute Paper Plate Bug craft kit for Christmas...

The kit comes with picture instructions, 13 paper plates, 150 stickers, 6 pipe cleaners, 2 pom poms, fringed and crinkle paper, 10 craft sticks, 6 buttons, 2 google get my point.
She quietly worked on this craft project for over an hour. I could see the enjoyment in her eyes as she folded, crinkled, stuck, and glued the supplies in her kit. Have you ever had that feeling when you can sit back and look at something you have made by hand? It's incredible!

There is something about crafting that is good for the soul. Even at the age of 2.

After finishing her paper plate bug, she proudly held it up and suggested we put it up in her sister's room. So here it hangs...

Such joy and pride my daughter felt making this craft! It was inspiring!

I love the idea of a craft kit complete with instructions and supplies. I think some of my friends and family members might enjoy an adult-version of a craft kit. Why not a CARD KIT filled with great instructions and supplies? Make birthday cards, thank you notes, shower invites, etc. all within the comforts of your own home!
So I think it's time for me put together card kits for adults. It will have easy-to-read instructions with pictures and beautiful supplies from my favorite company, Stampin' Up! Let me know if you are interested in creating a card kit for you or a loved one. :)


  1. How adorable is that?! And her sister must love it :)
    I'm interested in card kits!!

  2. Oh, how cute! How thoughtful it was for her to suggest putting it in her sister's room instead of her own! Crafting, especially with Stampin' Up! materials can be so fun and relaxing! Creating kits is a great idea!

  3. What a great idea! Love the paper plate bug kit and love that your little girl caught the "crafting bug" (get it? bug kit, crafting bug...ahem...). ;) I think adult kits are a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing this snippet into your life!

  4. That is one of the cutest "bugs" I've ever seen!!! I think she is way ahead of most 2 year-old's because you can really "see" what she was doing (I see a fish and/or a butterfly) and not just a conglomeration of items that only a 2 year-old can see what the "end product" is! Looking at each part of her project just amazes me - the eyes are where they should be, the other circles with little dots placed inside the big dots, the placement of pieces of paper placed pleasingly to the eye on the 4 side circles-not too much of one color or too little, and the lips placed where they belong - it just blows me away! I have 2 adult children and I don't remember them ever bringing home something this cohesive at that age! Like I said, most of it only a child and their wondrous imagination could really "see or understand" it!lol But, like all mothers, I oohed and aaaahed over every single one of them!lol I, for one, can't wait to see what your daughter makes next! You might have a fellow card maker right by you in a couple of years!lol