Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Boxes Made with Old Designer Series Paper-Inspired By a Dear Friend

I have some seriously creative, crafty friends. One of them is very special to me. I met Carolyn almost 9 years ago when I worked as an administrative assistant at the local medical school. I had no idea how fun she really was until I was hired to work in the admissions office portion of the medical school with Carolyn and one other amazing lady. The three of us worked hard each year with several thousand propspective medical school applicants until only 120 of them matriculated in the late spring. What a crazy process that was!
Carolyn became a great friend through those years at the med school. She was a experienced knitter and I remember her showing us the fabulous sweaters she had knitted for her family. These were amazing pieces of art.
The other day Carolyn sent me a picture of the cookie boxes and tags she had made for her friends and family for the holidays.  Aren't these CUTE?!

She is a natural! Creative and crafty in so many ways! And don't the cookies just scream Martha Stewart?!?! YUM!
I was so very thankful for her ideas and decied to dive into my mom's almost 5 year supply of Stampin' Up! Designer Series paper (retired) to make some boxes of my own. With Carolyn's great idea I couldn't wait to start!
These are the boxes I made for my daughter's daycare friends inspired by Carolyn...

Here is a video tutorial on how to make these paper boxes...
Thank you, Carolyn, for the inspiration! You are a wonderful crafter and friend!


  1. Love your boxes with the cute pinwheels on them, Kathleen! And here's a tip if anyone is having trouble fitting the top and bottom portions together: for the lid of the box you fold the corners and rectangles about 1/4" shy of the actual center. This will result in the box lid being slightly larger than the bottom, and they will fit nicely together. :) And thanks for all the kind words - I adore our friendship! :) So great to see your first video!

  2. WOW, that is amazing...what fun. Thanks, for the video too. You did an excellent job!