Friday, May 3, 2013

Simple Cards Using Washi Tape

Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape
Many of you have heard of washi tape and have even crafted with it. Last summer I found a beautifully decorated jar with washi tape on Pinterest. I had to try it, but I could not find washi in any of the craft stores.
I'm excited to say that Stampin' Up! has finally come out with their own washi tape. You get 3 rolls of different designs for less than $5. Imagine the possibilities! :)

Washi tape is like masking tape that comes in many colors and designs. As you can see, it makes a plain piece of paper look great. You can also use it to decorate frames, glass and many other things.

I used two pieces of washi tape and a Happy Birthday stamp for this simple, quick card.

On this card I used floral designed washi tape. I laid the tape down on white card stock and then punched the "hats" out and backed them with colored card stock.


I can't wait to find other uses for my new washi tape!
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Give washi tape a try:

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  1. I have never used washi tape before, but you've certainly made me want to try!