Wednesday, December 5, 2012

White Onesie Makover Using Stampin' Up Products and Tools

After unloading 2 boxes of my daughter's onesies, I came across a couple plain white ones(ies) (Ha ha!). I decided I would add a little detail to make these shirts more appealing and cute. Using the Big Shot with Fun Flowers Bigs L die cut and Circles #2 Original die cut (to secure the snap to the shirt), the Crop-A-Dile, a little felt from the craft store, snaps, and a needle and thread I had a couple new and improved interchangeable onesies to go with the hundreds of pants she had in her drawer. It was an easy project using great Stampin' Up! products and tools.

Boring, white onesie 
Snap affixed with Crop-A-Dile
View of the snap from the inside of the onsie. I added a felt Circles #2 Original die cut to prevent the snap from tearing the onesie.
Hot pink felt flower using Fun Flowers Bigs L die cut 
Orange flower- Great for Fall/Halloween
Purple flower
Some of the other interchangeable flower options
 View from the back using the circle die cut


  1. I love these...what a great idea! I love the interchangeable part of it as well as the adorable part of it. Nifty! (Yeah, I said "Nifty")...

  2. Kathleen, what a great idea! I love how you have posted so many pictures with the details! Having the flower be interchangeable is such a good idea. Also, now they won't have that laundered look.

  3. Great idea, Leen! Such darling flowers, too.